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  1. Build Your Own Multiband Antenna (EFHW), HF antenna for hams with limited space, Hacking the Butternut HF2V, Greencube Terminal program, IFR Chart Symbols, ALFA ALFA WorldWide Radio DX Goup, Aurora Forecast - A Short-Term Forecast and Its Impact, SWL contest 2024, N2RWE's Real-time APRS, CWOP, OGN, and CBAPRS Maps
  2. WSJT-X 2.7.0 Release Candidate 5 has been officially made available to the public. This RC version introduce the new superfox mode designed to help DXPeditions on making QSOs at high rates.
  3. Radio Reflection Detection website, Unlocking the 2-Meter Band: Essential Frequency Selection Tips for Amateur Radio Operators, 3D2CCC Log Online, Space Weather Woman, IZ0EVK Web Cluster, 3D2CCC Conway Reef, FT4GL Glorioso Is,
  4. Vertical Windom Antenna Project, Building a 20W All-Band HF SDR with Softrock 6.3, Homebrew EFHW Antenna for Low Power HF (40/20/15/10m), PSKmail: Email and Internet on HF, A Feature-Rich RF Power Meter with AM Detection, LIVE MUF V7 SOFTWARE, PropQuest,
  5. Mini Whip - Active HF Antenna, Vertical Dipole Array for 20-17-15 Meters, RSP Spectrum Analyser, Automatic Roger Beep for VHF/UHF Contests, Double Tuned Receiver Band-pass Filter Design Center, 3G0YA Easter Island,
  6. Is your ham radio club on our list? We feature thousands of links to amateur radio clubs worldwide. Add your club's link today!
  7. This blog post details the construction and usage of a 4:1 current balun, using... - Listed in Antennas/Baluns/4 to 1 balun
  8. Electronic Component Distribution has a wide-ranging inventory of electronic items. We are Board Level... - Listed in Shopping and Services/Electronic Components
  9. Blog of Charly Tango International DX-Group in Germany who keeps up the heritage of... - Listed in CB Radio/Clubs
  10. The Northland Antique Radio Club is located in Minneapolis, Minnesota. We were founded in... - Listed in Antique Radios/Clubs